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The British and East European Psychology Group was formed to build bridges between individuals and psychology departments after the East – West divide crumbled from 1989. We met in the psychology departments of the Universities of Leicester and Westminster and of University College London from 1992 until 2012, and also held large conferences in Banska Bystrica Slovakia (1995), Brno Czech Republic (2000), and Krakow Poland (2005).

The Group also published two series of its newsletter “UpDate”, the first being overviews of university psychology departments of psychology in the various east European countries (1996 – 2003), and the second a series of research summaries in the main subdisciplines (2004 – 2011).

By 2012 psychology as a discipline had expanded significantly so that many east European researchers were working within European or international  associations devoted to the various subdisciplines, and the European Union was working on professional standards and training.